For years now it's never made sense to have New Years in January... Fall has always been the new year for me, and it wasn't until around 2011 that I learned that the Jewish calendar actually places the new year…Read more


So it's been a crazy summer and I haven't updated too much online other than getting in an occasional debate among friends or sharing a few thoughts on Twitter and now it's time to give up a little news, but…Read more

Guy Clark Remembered

I woke up on May 17th to the news that Guy Clark had passed away. It was truly a sad day, while I had never met Guy, and I wasn't even lucky enough to catch him live I've had a…Read more

Rest, rewind and recharge.

So I'm writing this post after working some seriously hard days and nights of brutal back breaking work. It's been a great season down here in Naples and I'm happy to have had all the work... But I'm pretty excited… Read more

Battery Nearly Dead

Tourist season is giving off it's last death rattle here in Collier County and I'm busier than ever before at work, today I woke up with a slight head cold which made a good excuse to not go in on…Read more

Passing The Blame

So I feel a little rusty at blogging, like my skills have seriously lapsed over the years. I’ll just blame Twitter though for making me not feel like I need to write anything longer than 140 characters. That said I’ve…

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Broken Things.

We tend to love broken things for some reason... I’m not sure why, but humans love broken things... I’m no different, I admit it and gladly. There’s not much I like better than a beat up old guitar with half…

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I was dreaming about Cash...

I recently had a dream about Johnny Cash...
Before I was much of a performing artist I was a technically minded teenager hard pressed to pay some dues and I did a lot of live sound and stagehand work... Long…Read more