About Caleb Hawkins

Caleb Hawkins is a midwestern Americana artist based out of Indiana, born on the banks of the Ohio River. Often referred to as “Old Fashioned” or “Traditional” in style. Caleb Hawkins is a Multi-Instrumentalist bringing a plethora of instruments to the stage ranging from Fiddle and Banjo to Flat-Picked Acoustic Guitar, while his music is often very forward focused and positive.

“Caleb Hawkins is a jack of all trades” quoted one critic, pointing out the scrappy DIY style that Caleb started out in, recording and releasing independent albums and self-promoting his shows across 5 states starting in 2005.

From the ringing of his Banjo to the roaring of his Guitar, Caleb tells stories from his past and mixes in humorous observations about everyday life, while singing songs that will harken back to days gone by, yet also retaining a very current edge that feels relevant today.


As creative people struggle with the immeasurable strain to push forward, I find it more and more important to sing songs of encouragement instead of merely whining about failures like I used to, back in the day

Caleb recalls… “Life is hard, and keeping your head up is harder to do when you’re looking over your shoulder


Caleb is currently traveling the highways in an off-grid equipped van and sharing his music with all who will listen.