For years now it's never made sense to have New Years in January... Fall has always been the new year for me, and it wasn't until around 2011 that I learned that the Jewish calendar actually places the new year in the fall! There's something ever so peaceful about watching the leaves change from green to shades of gold and red, and the joyful sound of birds on the great migration southbound.

As I sit here at my desk the gutters are filling up with red maple leaves and the yard has squirrels feverishly hauling away the freshly fallen walnuts that grow on our land. One pudgy fellow I have nicknamed "fat boy" seems to enjoy seeing just how fast our dogs can run when they go out to do their business...

Fall has a cleansing effect sometimes too, sometimes in past years my life has changed pretty drastically during the month of October, this year things so far have been pretty calm. I'm happy to say I'm doing much better emotionally and mentally than in years passed. I'm really looking forward to the next season, even if it will be a bitter sweet departure from the warm climate that I have enjoyed for the last three years or so. Fall brings to a close the long hot nights and the blood thirsty bugs that sting and bite and raise welts that are oh so itchy.

The cooler weather also seems to afford me more time in the studio to write and record new material for spring tours and shows, though these days the shows are still pretty plentiful at the moment.

Anyway the tea is gone, and the guitars are calling me, so this post is coming to a close.


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