Nick Jonas and making mistakes performing live.

So Nick Jonas caught a bunch of heat for a muffed guitar solo live at an award show...

And as you can see he kind of had a mishap there! But he shook it off and went and did his job. Now I applaud him for actually attempting to play the guitar live unlike many pop stars these days... And to be honest I myself can't bend strings on an electric guitar very well, partly due to the condition of my wrist these days and partly due to my heavy handed playing style as an acoustic musician. That said I think Nick proved that there's many great artists out there who can and do put the effort into a great performance every night, and he's no exception to scrutiny from his peers. Nick didn't have the time put in to crafting that solo that most players do, and to be honest I'm not sure it was even his song... So what's my final take on it? Playing guitar: It's harder than it looks! Playing it well? It's even harder! You can point and laugh and hit replay all you want, but your time is probably better spent grabbing your guitar and learning a few of your own riffs and solos better.

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