Passing The Blame

So I feel a little rusty at blogging, like my skills have seriously lapsed over the years. I’ll just blame Twitter though for making me not feel like I need to write anything longer than 140 characters. That said I’ve finally reached a point in my artistic career where I feel like I’m ready to invest more time in creating content for my own website and worry less about Facebook and the like. It’s still tourist season for a little longer down here in Naples, Florida and I’m working nearly non stop which gives me little time for creativity outside of my actual work load but It’s afforded me this new-to-me macBook Pro which will probably be another blog story or maybe video shortly. Needless to say I’m working on getting my 2005 groove back and getting to be an active creator of original content again. I’m setting up more videos and finally have the ability to shoot and edit really high quality footage (FINALLY!) so here’s to being creative and more regular when it comes to updates on life, music, and shows! 

Somewhere in Lake Carol, IL. Taken in 2015 during the Destination Tour.


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