Confessions of a songwriter

It seems odd sometimes I suppose, given everything I've been through that I don't often feel inclined to write about the lower points of life...

There was a time when I got my heart slightly damaged, and I wrote songs about it! After all... Isn't THAT was songwriters do? I've heard lots of jokes about how "you never want to make a songwriter angry" or some such concept...

Truth be told that when I've been at my lowest most heartbroken moments in life I don't really feel like writing a song about it, that if it's any good I might have to perform for the rest of my life! I'm thankful that when I was writing those heavily personal songs, I was even more obscure than I am now and was able to get that out of my system well before people could request the songs at my shows.

I find my satisfaction level with songwriting to come from telling stories and sharing my moments of growth and telling the stories of others, rather than airing out my laundry up on stage.

That being said I may do a series of blogs soon about my writing process, my choice of instrument, pencil and or paper preferences as well while writing songs. 

I am curious to see others writing habits and styles, and maybe if you want to share, you'll leave a comment below about your process?



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